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Snow Removal

Department of Public Works crews plow and salt Town-owned streets and parking lots to clear snow and ice.
Major roadways such as Rt. 201, Rt. 1, Rt. 410 and Good Luck Road, are treated by the State and County.

Snow Emergency Conditions
Snow emergency conditions are considered in effect within the Town of Riverdale Park whenever a snow emergency is declared in Prince George's County by the Prince George's County Executive, the Maryland State Highway Administration or the Maryland State Police.

Laws that apply:

  • During any period in which a snow emergency condition exists and a snow emergency is in effect, it shall be unlawful to park any vehicle on any part of any street designated as a snow emergency street, provided that signs have been erected on that street giving notice that such street is a designated snow emergency street.
  • During any period in which a snow emergency condition is in effect, it shall be unlawful to park any vehicle on the odd-numbered side of any public street in the Town regardless of whether such street has been designated a snow emergency street. Streets with parking restricted on one side are exempt.
  • Any vehicle parked in violation of the snow emergency provisions of the section may be removed and impounded by or under the direction of any duly-authorized police officer. The owner of said vehicle, in addition to any towing or impound fee, shall be liable for a fine of $250.

 What Residents Can Do:

  • Whenever possible, move parked cars off the street so that snowplows can remove the snow from the street from curb to curb.
  • If off-street parking is not available, park on the even side of the street (violators will be subject to having their vehicles impounded and fined $250 – 64-10(b)(c)).
  • Be patient during any snow emergency as crews work around the clock to clear the streets.
  • Clear sidewalks in front of residence and refrain from depositing snow back on to the roadway (this can potentially cause an accident).

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