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Speed Camera

Speed Camera Program for the Town of Riverdale Park  

The Riverdale Park Police Department is working to modify and improve driving habits in Riverdale Park to ensure compliance with existing speed limits. Educating the public about speed enforcement is vital to successful traffic safety programs. Speed cameras are one measure being used by the Riverdale Park Police Department to improve motor vehicle and pedestrian safety.

The Mayor and Council adopted Ordinance  2024-OR-03 regarding Residential District Automated Speed Monitoring on June 3, 2024. The ordinance will become effective on July 1, 2024.

The change to residential enforcement districts would allow automated speed enforcement to occur daily and at all times. While the current speed monitoring program may serve effectively during weekday school hours, it does not allow for enforcement in the late evening hours, at night, early morning hours, or on weekends. This change would support the Town’s Vision and Commitment to Transportation as well as the Walk, Bike, Drive Safety Initiative by modifying driver behavior 24 hours a day and seven days a week. Neighboring jurisdictions such as College Park, Bowie, Cheverly, and Edmonston have already adopted the Residential Enforcement District approach to improving safety. This proposed change to Residential Enforcement Districts would not affect Rivertech Court, which would remain a School Zone because it is primarily nonresidential. At this time, additional automated enforcement camera locations are not being proposed.

The locations of the Automated Speed Enforcement cameras are listed below. Drivers are also reminded that the speed limit on Town roads is 20 miles per hour.

  • East-West Highway and Taylor Road (Eastbound)
  • East-West Highway and Taylor Road (Westbound)
  • 5700 Block Taylor Road
  • Riverdale Road in front of Riverdale ES
  • Good Luck Road at Silk Tree Drive
  • Rivertech Court (Between Lafayette Avenue and River Road)

If you have questions about the Automated Speed Enforcement Program, please contact Officer Marissa Davis at

Program Description:

The Town of Riverdale Park Speed Enforcement Safety Program is operated by the Riverdale Park Police Department. It is a safety program focused on changing and improving driver behavior in school zones through an inclusive effort involving education, engineering, and enforcement.

The Riverdale Park Speed Enforcement Safety Program uses automated speed enforcement to enhance the safety of motorists and children in the school zones within the incorporated limits of the Town of Riverdale Park.

The guiding principles are to:

  • Clearly identify and communicate speed-related safety issues to the public.
  • Make speed enforcement sites visible to road users through signage and media outlets.
  • Deploy automated speed enforcement in school zones where they are needed.
  • Promote a fair program by deploying automated speed enforcement only after careful consideration and studies.
  • Ascertain the effectiveness of the speed safety program through continuous evaluations.

How the Program Works:
The speed enforcement systems comprise a speed measurement device, camera, and computer. The speed measuring devices identify motorists who travel 12 MPH or more over the posted speed limit.

The cameras capture license plate images of violations, and the onboard computer records all of the data associated with the violation. When a breach occurs, the automated speed equipment records the date, time, and speed of the vehicle.

The citation which includes images of the violator's vehicle citing the above information is then mailed to the registered owner of the car. Once the violator receives the citation, payment or request to stand trial can be sent to the Town of Riverdale Park Police Department at PO Box 17471 Baltimore, MD 21297-1471.  To pay online, please use the link below.  Make sure to have your Citation Number and Pin Number.  Your PIN is the password printed on the citation. Payments are not accepted at the Riverdale Park Police Department.  Questions about a citation may be addressed at the Optotraffic Call Center at 1(866) 979-4824.  

Online Citation Payment 

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