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Community Input

At times, the Town seeks input from residents regarding specific items. As we work towards the creating on a concise vision statement for the Town, we need resident input on the matters that are important to you as part of the community. Please review the topics below to provide feedback:
Riverdale Park Field of Dreams Survey

The Town of Riverdale Park is creating a new vision for the park at the intersection of Lafayette Avenue and Tuckerman, known locally as the “Field of Dreams.” The Town’s consultant team, the Neighborhood Design Center, will be conducting a visioning workshop on November 17th from 10-11:30 am to learn what the community wants the future of the park to look like.
Riverdale Park Community Garden Survey

The goal of this project is to create a plan for a community garden in Riverdale Park, taking into consideration environmental and social factors. The purpose of this survey is to determine interest in a new community garden. Your answers will be used to help decide whether a community garden would be supported by the Riverdale Park community, and if so, which potential locations would be best.