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Resources for Furloughed Employees

We know that during a federal government shutdown, many employees and businesses in the DC Metro Area experience a sudden loss of income.  We also know that the effects are not limited to federal employees and that there are trickle down impacts on our local economy.  Here are a list of resources that are available for information and guidance.

Federal Government

  • The U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM) has prepared human resources guidance for agencies and employees regarding furloughs.  To learn more about Pay/Leave Furlough Guidance, visit:
  • Unemployment benefits: According to a U.S. Office of Personnel Management fact sheet, federal employees may be eligible for "Unemployment Compensation for Federal Employees," which is administered by state unemployment insurance agencies.

Financial Institutions
Many bank, credit unions and credit card companies are offering assistance. Contact your financial institution to see what option are available for you.

Many gas and utility companies also are working with furloughed employees. Contact your company to see what options are available.

 Prince George's County Residents