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Snow Season - Rules to Remember

Let’s Plan for Snow Season - Rules to Remember

The Department of Public Works is gearing up for snow season with a goal to work around the clock as necessary to remove snow and ice quickly and safely. Here are important snow removal facts the Department wants you to remember.

Snow emergency conditions are in effect in the Town of Riverdale Park when Prince George's County, the Maryland State Highway Administration or the Maryland State Police declare a snow emergency.

When a snow emergency is in effect, please follow these rules:

✓ Do not park any vehicle on any part of any street with a posted sign that says Snow Emergency Street;

✓ Only park on the even-numbered side of non-Snow Emergency Streets (parking on the odd-numbered side of any public street is prohibited during a snow emergency, except if parking is already restricted on one side of the street).

✓ Move your car(s) off the street so that snowplows can remove the snow from the street from curb to curb.

✓ Clear sidewalks in front of your house and, please, do not shovel snow into the roadway.

Be patient during a snow emergency as crews work around the clock to clear your street and nearby public spaces.

Remember your vehicle may be removed and impounded by or under the direction of any duly authorized police officer if you violate these rules and you will be charged a towing or impound fee and be liable for a fine of $250.

Public Works will only plow Town-owned streets. The State or County is responsible for snow and ice removal on the following roadways:

Kenilworth Avenue (Route 201)

Baltimore Avenue (Route 1)

East-West Highway (Route 410)

Good Luck Road